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Royal Beauty & Body

The Website is under construction.

Baugold Web vorschau.png

Baugold Berlin

Baugold Berlin booked us for a full Design Job, including Corporate Identity and Logo Design. Here you can have a look on the Webdesign part.


Lifetypefood is still under construction.

Genesium Web Vorschau.png


Genesium is a healthcare resort and they had a selfmade WordPress Website. They asked us to re-design the Website and to take over the Content Management.

Here is the result.


Mozaique Production


Mozaqiue Web vorschau.png

Mozaique Production is in Cooporation with Adi.ctive Design/ Adi.ctive Studio and the concept of the website is obviously the famous retro design. On top of the landing page we planed a animation of a city, which was created by Adi.ctive Studio (play it here for preview).

The part where we present the team is based on a stranger things artwork and was created by Adi.ctive Design.

The teamphoto was created by the team (photoshooting, masking and editing).

Adi.ctive Design (lead by Adrian in red cap) was responsible for the effect of the picture. 

Whole editing process was done in Photoshop.

See the result in action by pressing the button under the teamphoto!

The city was created in Blender & edited in After Effects!

(The animation isnt available on the website anymore)

Mozaique Collage2.2.png


VechTech is still under construction

Adi.ctive Design