Design by Adi.ctive Design

Mozaqiue Animation vorschau2.PNG
Mozaique Collage
Photo Editing
As Photoshop is todays mastertool of todays Artist and Designer, Adi.ctive Design is also a creative head in photo editing processes. The favorite project of Adrian is the result in action of the team photo on the website of Mozaique Production (here the masked result).



Work at Höffner

In my time working for Höffner I created a lot of TV commercials and Youtube content. There is also a amount of stuff you cant see, as its to much, only for special events (not online) or other circumstances.

Baugold Berlin Logo Final.png

Baugold Berlin asked me to refresh the Logo, but we decided that I will create a new CI and Website as well.

Corporate Identity for

Baugold Berlin