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About me

Hi! My name is Adrian Puchalski and I started Adi.ctive Design on 1.1.2021! The name Adi.ctive Design is formed from several aspects. For example, one reference is the abbreviation Adi from the name Adrian.


Now my goal is to help you out there and make your dreams come true and visualized!


I finished my certificate in communication design at the HTK Berlin, before that I had studied architecture & urban planning for 1 semester, but found the freedom of creativity too limited for my taste.


As a Berliner I grew up with Hip Hop and Rap and feel the now popular naughty advertising style as a breath of fresh air in the otherwise so partly entrenched advertising world. Translated with (free version)

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Adrian Puchalski (Adi)

During my studies in architecture and urban planning, I noticed more and more how something was constricting me.


Our professors also started the studies with the following wisdom: "Modern architecture has failed and we have contributed to it."

After an open day at HTK I quickly decided to change my mind and switched to the design direction in order to freely develop my creativity.


During my semester break I had a voluntary internship at Platige Image, a very well known & big animation studio for trailers, commercials, movies, TV series etc.


Internship at
Platige Image


Even before graduation, I started as a working student at Krieger (one of the biggest companys in germany - primarily for Möbel Höffner) and started in the web design area.


After graduation, however, I was put into the video team and had cross-departmental projects and tasks.

Among other things, I trained employees in animation but also adapted the texture of the 3D configurator and was responsible for the TV and Youtube advertising. A new CI with text tracked into the scene, for product videos was also created and much more.


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With many passions, the horizon also expands.


Besides everyday hobbies such as gaming, music, a thirst for knowledge (docs/books) and more, I played American football for the Berlin Bears for about 8 years.

8 Years Berlin Bears