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"Riot Girl"

This Artwork is my very first printed canvas. I created it infact before the riots in the US happened in 2020. 


In that time you really could see "influencers" and people staging on "apocalyptic scenes". Situations like my artwork shows, happend

It should be the beginning of my series, of artworks showing an modern kind of anti nwo talk. You will see always girls - the freedom fighters, that fight against "illuminati" - and some signs and hints, suggesting for example freemasonary.

Riot Girl Canvas/Sticker Picture by Adi.ctive Design
Riot Girl Artwork by Adi.ctive Design

Click and contact me - if interested in this artwork in any way

Juju44 Fanart by Adi.citve Design

JuJu44 Fanart

The female rapper JuJu released new music in this time so I decided to not only practice a new vector style - but also make a little fanart of her for the promo.

This artwork took about 100-120 hours.

Juju44 Fanart by Adi.ctive Design

Bangs Fanart

Bangs is a rapper from the berlin rap crew AOB and I was with Abiad (also rapper from AOB) in a school.

As I like them, I created this little piece of art for him and Luvre47. The quality of the reference was really bad so I had a lot to sturggle and im not so happy with the result in the faces, so you also only see bangs.

He liked and commented the picture on Instagram.

Bangs Fanart by Adi.ctive Design
Abiad AOB Fanart by Adi.ctive Design
Abiad Fanart
Abiad is a rapper from the berlin rap crew AOB and I was with him in a school.
I did this fanart with a animation (you can see on instagram) just for fun for him and he loves it. He decided that he wants a Spotify Cover made from me and we just wait for the perfect track for it.
Abiad AOB Fanart by Adi.ctive Design