Product visualising

Special effects

Advertising/ Marketing

Special effects with 3D animations
(for Yecca)

The Bulletshot with the exploding heart is the animation made by Adi.ctive Design. The whole production is made by Free Spirit!

Product visualisation

Website Blokk Holzi.png

3D Productvisualisation for Hirntot and the promotion of the limited fan merch.
Shown right above but see the whole project here:

3D Musicvideo animation

The whole video was created and directed by Adi.ctive Design!
Here the project on Instagram.

Employed at Krieger

A lot of animations, mostly simple ones, at Möbel Höffner.
Often it was a TV advert, which also was played on Youtube, but sometimes I did some special kind of animation like shown in the next example above
(animated flying camera towards the Höffner building).

There are a lot of spots I made, some of them you can see on my Behance or in my highlights on Instagram, but this here is one of the best - it´s with Thomas Müller!
(Mostly I worked in the Höffner section, but sometimes for sconto or Möbel Kraft also).

3D Product animation

A friend of us had an university project and she asked us if we can help her out. She did the product design and we made the animation. Mozaique Productions made the sound/voice and the cutting.