3D Design

Design by Adi.ctive Design

„Adi.ctive Design did an excellent job creating the 3D models. The coorporation and communication was very professional and very reliable. We are very satisfied with the result!“

3D Product visualization
(for CBD Tiger)

Why make a photoshooting for every single product, if you can make a 3D object and mockup it? Thats what CBD Tiger thought and here you can see the before and after of Adi.ctive Design 3D product visualization!


Freigestellt Tigel 1.png

Use the slider to see how the photography looked (before) and how the 3D render graphic, mockuped by CBD Tiger Designer, looks now (after).


There are 2 types of pipette bottles (blue and brown) and 2 types of crucibles (white and small, brown and big).

Quick look portfolio

Work for Krieger GmbH

(Möbel Höffner, Sconto, Möbel Kraft)

3D card design for advertisment

Product visualisation

Website Blokk Holzi.png

3D Productvisualisation for Hirntot and the promotion of the limited fan merch.
Shown right above but see the whole project here:

3D small Overview

3D low poly isometric room workspace - architecture
Blender 3D Donut Coffee
R2D2 3D Model
Cat furniture 3D
Hemp infographic